Tenerife South Airport Terminal

Tenerife airport has one main building with three different levels: Floor -1, Ground floor (Main level) and Floor 1. This last one was built in such a way that exists the possibility to expand it in the future. Even so, the currently terminal was remodeled in 2007 and extended in 2009.


The Terminal Building


Floor -1

Arrivals Hall, there are some Restaurants and Shops, ATMs, Rental car Agencies. Baggage Claim Area


Ground Floor

Floor P0. Departures, Check-in desks, Passport Control, Boarding gates, Arrivals. Rental car agencies.

The Check-in areas are divided between Schengen and non-Schengen flights.

The Departures area has gates from 1 to 34. Gates numbered from 11 to 14 are located in the central area.


Floor 1

There is located the VIP Lounge named as “The Montaña Roja VIP Lounge” as well as some Duty Free shop.


The Montaña Roja VIP Lounge is open everyday from 7 am to 22.00-00.00, depending of the day of the week.

Phone: 922 759 425 / 922 759 094


Economic class passengers can access to the VIP Lounge paying a fee:

Counter sale:

- Adults (11 years old and over): € 24.20

- Children from 6-10 years: € 11.60

- Children from 0-5 years: for free


Other services at Tenerife South airport include internet access, banking facilities, post office, conference room, meeting rooms, pharmacy, lost baggage, children's play area, a chapel.